23 / 03 / 2023

What makes MICE Hospitality THE choice for any of your events? Tip: Not just passion.

What makes  MICE Hospitality THE choice for any of your events? Tip: Not just passion.

For a sector that deals exclusively with humans, there is something exclusive that sets one apart in the Event & Hospitality industry. While a lot many in the industry share our passion, we hold compassion as our true virtue. That’s why a dream that took off in 2017 – MICE Hospitality, has been scaling higher till this date. With our headquarters in Bangalore, we design, plan, manage and execute exclusive bespoke events, both professional and personal. We also have offices across the county, in 3 more cities. Conferences, meetings, trade events, entertainment shows, weddings, social gatherings – you wish for it, and we will serve you to our heart’s content.

Experience over time turns into expertise.

Time with effort is surely rewarding. Our team is now counted as one of the first few in the Indian sub-continent renowned for its professional approach and trusted partnerships with individuals, groups, or institutions. Travel management, tour handling, airport-to-airport hassle-free transfers, day-outs, outdoor catering, or a showstopper event-of-the-year for a brand – we got an operation that is efficient for big and small. And absolutely personalized. We always try to understand you better for a solution fit for you. The beauty in our robust operations is the flexibility that lets us customize every offering according to your choice and budget. Money governs the majority. We always ensure the best and judicious use.

Indian industry introduced us to many key interests.

We enjoy the journey of running hotel brands and businesses. While driving the business element remains a common objective in almost every professional event, this sort of interest requires expertise in operations, trade, and an enviable foresight. These together put in the best strategy with the right resources to make the business numbers on charts a reality ringing in the business exchequer.  So we work on projects right when the idea germinates and make it grow to its true potential.

Time ripens trust

It has taken us a lot of events, scores of hotel projects, lasting partnerships, and successful business stories, to understand this industry in and out. Our partnerships with hotel brands, our personnel training and everything have been tried, tested, and trusted. Repeatedly. It certainly takes time and pressure for coal to turn into a diamond. Then it’s the perfect cut and polishing that makes it shine. And here we are, 

a rock-solid team of passionate people doing events and hospitality, and at the same time preparing ourselves for your next wish.

Welcome to the place where expertise meets passion.

Welcome to the world of MICE Hospitality.

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